The Company

The Invictus® brand of the company ADINA SRL was created after 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of military, protection and security equipment.

At present, the company is one of the main suppliers of military individual equipment for the national defence and security institutions, the logistics of contract development with these entities  leading to optimization of management and an increase in efficiency in connection to our internal processes serving to the benefit of our clients.


INVICTUS® has the role of supplying complex services to its customers in the field of defence and security through its vast knowledge that was built by a team of qualified and ambitious people, with logistics that evolved with time and is nowadays able to identify, develop and offer diversified equipment solutions.


INVICTUS® undertakes to become acknowledged for being a major supplier of military and security equipment, a modern and efficient company with specialized personnel and a well-developed technical and logistical establishment, capable to respond to any particular requirements of its customers.


The reputation that we aim for can be achieved by professionalism in relation to both our customers and our own personnel.

For us , professionalism means:

  • Reliability – we treat all professional aspects with interest and strive for excellence
  • Involvement – we are interested in specific customer needs and we are considering them all our actions
  • Care – we ensure that our people are motivated and work with passion and efficiency
  • Unity – we develop team spirit and successfully integrate internal processes for achieving our goals
  • Dynamism – we accept new challenges and we are flexible in developing new solutions
  • Respect – we have a vertical ethical conduct on the market and corporate responsibility for the socio-professional environment

Our company has implemented a full management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, is a Research and Development unit approved by the Ministry of Education and Research and owner of the invention published by OSIM entitled „Process of waterproof and thermo-sealed assembly for clothing made of fabrics with waterproof-breathable membrane”.




Whether we apply our survey policy regarding customer satisfaction or whether we fulfill our contractual obligations in relation to centralized procurement institutions, the recommendations from our beneficiaries do us great honor and help us move forward.

We invite you to find out our latest successes, seen from the perspective of our customers.

  • Very good activity and I recommend opening and operating multiple stores ( C-S. F. , MoD ).
  • During the performance of the supply contract no problems were encountered with the quality of supplies ( Police Inspectorate ).
  • I am very pleased with the company's activity and collaboration ( IS, MoD ).
  • After wearing uniforms and maintenance , does not change dimensional (Military Unit , MoD) .
  • The Gendarmerie summer suits were consistent with our quality requirements, the delivery was made according to the contract terms (Gendarmerie Inspectorateour customers.).

Feedback from individual customers:

  • Kindness, promptness, quality! I respectuflly salute you!

  • Excellent relationship! Quality is the first word for the products and services you offer!

  • I put on the ordered clothes and they fit perfectly with enough ease. Impeccable and high quality products.

  • A real team of professionals. I warmly recommend them and I will definitely revert to them again in the future!



The INVICTUS brand will be showcased at five international exhibitions this year in two geographical and economical regions of strategic interest for the company – The European Union and The Middle East.

These two exhibitions will cover the two specific market segments of the brand: military equipment and workwear:










INVICTUS FORCE & SAFE S.A. is permanently preoccupied with its relationship with the social and professional environment, the company policy regarding the personnel and its conduct in their professional activities is being strictly applied.

Please see HERE our Code of Conduct which contains provisions on internal and outside the company relations which our company abides by .

In all our actions we respect the requirements of environment protection through efficient and ecological management of waste.

We also insure that all activities in connection with recrutement are made in accordance to the right to equal treatment and in the public procurement procedures we apply the same principles of equality and transparency.