Official launch INVICTUS

The official launch of the INVICTUS® brand


At a quarter of a century apart from our company’s foundation date, the month of October 2015 represented the highest milestone in the organizational development, in investments in a new premises and modern technologies, all of these culminating in the official launch in Romania of the new corporate identity – the registered brand INVICTUS®.

The launching event was celebrated by the company personnel at the new location in Vânători village, Galați County, where the entire production facility and administrative personnel offices were re-located. At present this premises is provided with new and modern devices and technologies ranging from automated cutting machine, embroidery machine and devices for the manufacture of ceremonial suits to a 3D scanning booth and a highly-performant CAD system.

With this move, the new web platform was officially launched -, which contains all the sections of interest for the national and international market: the corporate page, a web-site dedicated to the personal protective equipment – INVICTUS Pro-Safe and the online shop for military equipement: INVICTUS M-Force.

Also, from October the new products and services catalogues are available for both sub-brands and the postal address is marked in Google Maps for identification on all mobile devices.