The specialization of INVICTUS FORCE & SAFE S.A. is found in the design and manufacture of products for central institutions who purchase individual equipment through public tenders as well as private customers employed in the national defence and security institutions.

The individual equipment in the clothing segment are manufactured in our production facility in Galati and delivered through our showrooms in Galati and Bucharest or through our own transportation means.


Our team of specialists identify the most complex needs regarding fabrics and accesories used and apply our existing technologies in order to insure our customers of product conformity with their constructive and functional requirements and, as the case may be, with the current norms: HG 115 / 2004 and the European Directive no. 89/686/EEC.





The products designed and manufactured by INVICTUS FORCE & SAFE S.A. are tested and certified by various laboratories and notified bodies in Romania and the EU.



With our team of specialists we insure our customers of professional services dedicated to their specific needs, directing our attention towards three essential aspects: technical conformity of product, the purchase plan and financial considerations of the client and the confort of the end product during use.

  • Consultancy: identification of functional needs, technical analysis for conformity, establishing size ranges
  • Concept: design according to the constructive requirements, identification of necessary materials, analysis of ergonomic requirements
  • Customization: design of visual identity elements, adaptation of constructive, aesthetic and functional features of the products existing in current portfolio
  • Flexibility: adaptation to the client’s commercial and procedural requirements, regarding terms, payment and delivery conditions.